50% of people who begin learning a new instrument give up. This is partly because new musicians don’t put enough thought into the instrument they want to play.

Learning a new instrument takes practice and patience. Instead of starting with your dream instrument, starting with easy musical instruments increases your success rate. It also increases your patience with instruments so you can move on to your dream instrument later.

The best part is that there is no shortage of easy musical instruments. Read this guide to learn more about 5 of the most accessible musical instruments to learn for beginners.

1. The Drums

Drums are an integral part of many different genres, and playing them can help you develop a love for music that will last your entire life. Also, drums can be a springboard for learning how to play music. When you understand beat and rhythm, picking up other instruments will be easier.

Drums are a great instrument to start on because they’re easy to play, and it’s easy to find music lessons for them. Moreover, buying a drum kit instead of drums is a great option if you want portable musical instruments.

2. The Ukulele

The ukulele is a small, four-stringed instrument that is so easy to play you can do it with one hand. Often, you hear the ukulele in Hawaiian and Portuguese music.

When choosing your first musical instrument, you should consider whether you want to learn a more complex version later. For example, understanding the ukulele can help you learn guitar or bass later. So, it’s an excellent choice for those who want to play more in the string family.

3. The Guitar

The guitar is a member of the string family and has a wonderful tone that can be played with all types of music. One plays the guitar by holding down the strings of the guitar along the neck of the guitar while strumming with the other hand to produce a wide range of tones.

Portable musical instruments like the guitar are convenient. As you get better at the guitar, you can dive into other string instruments like the bass, banjo, mandolin and many more. There is also a wide array of electric and acoustic versions of each that give you an even wider range of tones you can create.

4. The Harmonica

The harmonica is a small, handheld instrument that works well in many different genres of music. It comprises two parts: the reeds and the air tube. The reeds make the sound, and blowing on them causes a vibration through the air tube that produces different tones.

Like the recorder, harmonicas are portable instruments. Harmonicas are also one of the best ways to learn music without giving up because they’re so easy to learn quickly.

5. The Keyboard

The keyboard is a great starter instrument for aspiring pianists or organists. Keyboards remove the complexity of pedals and focus on the keys.

They’re also more fun than a piano because they offer digital options. This helps keep new players interested long enough to see the payoffs of their lessons.

Learn to Play Easy Musical Instruments Today

With access to free online resources, figuring out how to learn music is more accessible than ever. But, nothing can replace hands-on instruction from expert teachers — even with easy musical instruments. That’s where Music Lab Northridge can help.

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